About Crouzet Control

Widely recognized for over 50 years as the specialist in electromechanical, electronic technology and software engineering, Crouzet Control experience in time management, physical and mechanical values has resulted in an extensive automation components offer that includes timers, monitoring relays, counters, machine safety equipment, and temperature controllers. Crouzet Control’s Pneumatic expertise provides you with an offer to meet all your automation system requirements, including systems for explosive atmospheres.

Engineer programming an automation system

Simple to use, Crouzet Control products are easy to program and install.


With operations around the globe, Crouzet Control is constantly monitoring its customers’ needs. Its sales teams, technicians and designers combine all their skills to adapt products to customer specifications, both in terms of the application and cost. Crouzet Control also ensures that its products are manufactured in compliance with quality and environmental standards (factory certified ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, eco-design).

With its industrial and logistic flexibility Crouzet Control is able to deliver products, whether small-scale or mass production items, in the best possible timesframe.


Crouzet Control is a brand of InnoVista Sensors™

InnoVista Sensors™: your trusted partner of choice to face industrial challenges of today and tomorrow.

InnoVista Sensors™ is a worldwide industrial specialist of sensors, controllers and actuators for automated systems.

Through its brands, Crouzet Aerospace, Crouzet Automation, Crouzet Control, Crouzet Motors, Crouzet Switches and Systron Donner Inertial, InnoVista Sensors™ offers a wide range of reliable, efficient and customizable components dedicated to the Aerospace & Defence, Transportation and Industrial market and segments.

Thanks to the recognized expertise of its teams and a strong innovation policy, InnoVista SensorsTM brings performance enhancing solutions to its customers worldwide


Our History

Vintage automation system products

  • 1921: Crouzet first founded (general mechanical engineering)
  • 1939: The Crouzet private limited company is formed
  • 1957: First overseas subsidiary in Italy
  • 1960: Development of aerospace and automation component businesses. Creation of subsidiaries in England, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland
  • 1966: Crouzet becomes a plc
  • 1969: Company floated on the Paris Stock Exchange
  • 1978: International expansion into Sweden, United States, Mexico
  • 1989: Acquisition of SYRELEC. SEXTANT Avionics is created by the merger of Crouzet – EAS SFENA and the Flight Electronics division of THOMSON-CSF
  • 1992: Acquisition of GORDOS
  • 1993: Creation of Crouzet Automatismes, a 100% subsidiary of SEXTANT Avionics
  • 1999: Member of the THOMSON-CSF Avionic Systems Business Group
  • 2000: Crouzet Automatismes joins the Schneider Electric group
  • 2006: Crouzet joins Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), a Business Unit incorporating Crouzet, Crydom, Kavlico, Newall, Systron Donner and the various divisions of BEI Sensors
  • 2008: 30 June, Crouzet is awarded the 15th Rhone Alpes Prize for Quality and Performance 2008 in the “Companies and Subsidiaries” category
    2013: Creation of the 6 Crouzet brands: Crouzet Aerospace, Crouzet Automation, Crouzet Control, Crouzet Motors, Crouzet Solid State Relays and Crouzet Switches
    2014: New shareholders structure for CST (made of Carlisle, PAI Partner, Schneider Electric and CST management)
    2015: Dec 1 : Crouzet Brands become part of the company InnoVista Sensors ™